Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to Watch FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and ABC TV Online Absolutely Free Without Paying Monthly Fees

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Watch Satellite TV on PC/Laptop

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Watch Satellite TV on PC Via Software

Watch Satellite TV on PC Using Simple Software Only

Did you know that other than using hardware, there is another way to watch satellite TV on PC without any messy hardware installation? All it takes is installing a software program and you are ready to watch satellite TV on your pc. Find out how you can do so with special proprietary software. Nope, it is not costly in case you may be wondering. In fact, the price of one or two DVDs is all one has to pay in order to get to enjoy unlimited access to more than 3000 over channels worldwide.

A recent poll survey showed that the average amount of time an internet user spends surfing the net daily is about 160 minutes, versus about 150 minutes of TV watching by each individual. There are millions of subscribers to satellite and cable TV services as well. This proves the point that almost every other American is exposed to a form of media for at least 2 hours of his/her life daily.

Satellite and cable TV services do provide as many as 600 – 700 channels but unfortunately, some subscribers remain disgruntled about the lack of good quality channels or mismatch in the timing of good shows with their schedules. As a result, favorite TV programs are missed. This is probably why more people are switching to watching satellite TV on PC or laptop because of the ease of watching on the move. Satellite TV software allows you access to thousands of channels, and with the variety offered, it’s hard not to find one TV show that suits your taste.

The set up is extremely straightforward. You do not have to mess up with any hardware installation at all. All that is required is to download a satellite TV software onto your PC, run the installation file and that’s it. You are ready to watch satellite TV on PC at the click of a button. Even a non-techie person can do that in minutes without any technical assistance.

Other benefits include:

1. No costly installation or monthly fee.

2. No special commercials other than those you see in the TV channel itself. The software will not force you to watch any advertisement. No adware or spyware ever.

3. Over 3000 channels are available as opposed to less than 1000 channels you receive with a monthly subscription to most satellite TV services.

4. Constantly updated channels without additional charges.

5. Preset your software to watch only your favorite satellite TV channels. Easy one-push button to activate.

6. Minimum set up requirements. Most computers come with pre-installed Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Windows Media Player, or Real One Player. Make sure that you have broadband connection to ensure smooth transmittal of the TV feeds. Go to your internet browser, Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox and enable the pop-up from the satellite TV channels.