Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to watch TV on your Computer for free! (Legally and illegally)

step 1Legal Method Number 1. Hulu
The first legal method and my personal favorite is Hulu. Hulu is a online web based service that allows you to many shows for free.Hulu has a wide verity of shows and movies ranging from BattleStar Galactica to Family Guy. A Nice Feature of Hulu is that it has RSS feeds for each show. Sadly Hulu is only available in the US.
step 2Legal Method Number 2. FanCast
Fancast is a website owned by Comcast that is similar to Hulu. FanCast has a large verity of shows but does not have ever episode of every show. It also has many movies. Fancast has a lot more ads than Hulu. Also Fancast has worse video quality than Hulu.

step 3Legal Method Number 3. From the Source
Here is another way to get tv shows legally. You can get directly from the network. ABC Full Episode Player NBC Video Rewind CBS Innertube With ABC you need a plugin to watch the content. Getting the show directly from the network can be pretty good but you will face more ads.

step 4Legal Method Number 4. Joost
Joost is a program that streams media legally from many sources. They have a lot of content with good quality. Joost had many different "channels" that you subscribe too. I subscribe the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" channel along with "Top Gear" (The best car show ever). A cool feature about Joost is the ability to chat with friends about a show while you are both …

step 5illegal Method Number 1: BitTorrent
BitTorrents are a method of downloading and distributing content on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. BitTorrents maybe difficult to use at first but once you learn to use them you will learn to love. Keep in mind that most of the time BitTorrents are illegal but not always. There are many different Tutorials all over the net on how to use bitTorrents so I am not going to …

step 6illegal Method Number 2: Stream it off the Web
Streaming TV shows off the internet is very simple once you find a good source. Here is a list I have complied of my favorite sources for web sites. Most of these site do not actually host the content but link to the content. Butter Mouth -Mega search engine. Pretty good. Thanks kryza Alluc.org - Good all around site. Movies, TV shows-Not beautiful but does the job. P…

step 7Conclusion
So that was a short guide to streaming TV onto your computer legally and illegally. Please comment and rate my instructable and thanks for reading. Thanks Joe R